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ParkerWhite Brand Interactive
Strategists, Creatives, Advocates
230 Birmingham,
Cardiff-by-the-Sea,  CA 92007

ParkerWhite Brand Interactive is dedicated to building sustainable health-related brands that make a difference in people’s lives.

With extensive expertise and passion in building strategic marketing campaigns, ParkerWhite delivers a spectrum of services including branding strategies, creative development, execution of digital marketing campaigns, and lead generation management.

We follow a 5D Branding Strategy made up of an  “outside-in approach” to clearly align the components of every brand by having a synergy between the market’s needs and the brand’s positioning. ParkerWhite is a passionate and dedicated team tailored to meet your specific needs.

Medical Devices, Healthcare, Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition.

Branding, Strategy, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Creative Insights,Lead Generation

Zest Anchors, Halyard Health, Good Feet, DJO Global, Star Trac Fitness, Skylight Healthcare Systems, Refinity Skin Science, Evofem, Biostructures, InTouch Health, Sotera Wireless, Solatube, Power Crunch, Hansen’s.

Epicenter Advertising & Marketing

San Diego Advertising Agenciesepicenter-logo-150

Epicenter Advertising & Marketing
“Earth Shattering Results”
3911 5th Avenue, #212
San Diego, CA 92103


EPICENTER Advertising & Marketing is a leading full service, brand marketing and creative communications agency based in San Diego with clients throughout the world. Epicenter delivers exponential revenue growth by positioning your brand to be an indispensable part of your customers’ lives. The key players on our team are comprised of senior level marketing consultants and creative directors each with 20+ years experience.

One of the key differentiators between Epicenter and a typical advertising agency lies within our strategic branding process that we call, “Seismic Branding™”. It’s derived from a proven system that has been used to position products for Coca-Cola, IBM and a host of other Fortune 500 Companies. We have tailored this process to match the needs of small to midsized businesses that are looking to position their brands affordably, rapidly and effectively.

Epicenter’s Seismic Branding™ process will:

• Leverage the strengths and equities of the existing brand and assets.
• Target the most profitable potential markets and mission-critical markets.
• Define the strongest position for your brand within the competitive arena.
• Create a hierarchy of messaging with which to tell your brand story.
• Gain internal consensus from your C-level executives, mid management, and sales and marketing team.
• Provide a sound strategy and Action Plan for delivering ROI and business results.
• Align all creative direction and media planning to meet and/or exceed the ROI objectives.

When you need a highly differentiated, clear competitive advantage in the marketplace, Epicenter offers a proven solution that delivers results—Guaranteed.

Business to Business, Luxury, High Tech, Healthcare, Commercial Real Estate Development and Financial Services.

Strategic Brand Development
Creative Development
Marketing and Media Planning
Name Development
Corporate Identity & Graphic Standards
Website Development & Internet Marketing
Public Relations

Applications International
Sky Toxicology Ltd.
Axis Diagnostics
McKee Consulting
Royal Property Management
The Macerich Company
Therapy Specialists
Champion Development
Energy Eye

Epicenter is part of the network of local advertising agencies that you can trust to increase brand awareness, sales and profits.


L7 Creative

San Diego Advertising Agencies:

san diego ad agencies L7 logoL7 CREATIVE
Legendary Brands Made Here.
5927 Balfour Court, Suite 104
Carlsbad, CA 92008

As the world’s first digital agency to define and employ the
principles of Digital Brand Engagement, L7 Creative delivers truly transformational
brand equity.

It starts with a different way of thinking – our Square Method. For over a decade,
we’ve been using this strange, powerful alchemy to reinvent, grow and connect
brands with audiences across the globe.

Offering an array of world-class talent spanning offices in Carlsbad and Boston, we
can help you reach your revenue goals, then shatter them.

For more information about L7 Creative, please visit:

Long-term strategic brand and business growth.

Full Service Digital Advertising Agency, Digital Brand Engagement, Branding,
Advertising, Marketing, Collateral & Sales Tools, Tradeshows & Events, Websites,
Mobil, Video, Social Media, Email, Content Marketing, Print, Direct Response,
Recruitment, Affiliate Marketing, Analytics, SEO, PPC, Media Buying.

L7 Creative is part of the network of ad agencies in Southern California that you can trust.



Boom! The Baby Boomer Marketing Group

San Diego Advertising Agencies

Boom!San Diego Advertising Agencies Boom logo
The Baby Boomer Marketing Group
3990 Old Town Avenue,  #C207
San Diego, CA 92110


The Baby Boomer Marketing Group is an outgrowth of the Gavin & Gavin Advertising, Inc., agency. Created to focus on the only American demographic with money—baby boomers and The Greatest Generation, we market to the group we know best.

Gavin & Gavin Advertising was a San Diego based agency that serviced 85 clients from 1991 to 2013. Its baby—the Baby Boomer Marketing Group—has moved the calls, counts and sales needle for multiple clients within the past two years.

Although the group we reach is of a certain age, the tools we use to reach them is a mix of traditional and digital media based on proprietary and secondary research. Also, the creative approach is based on boomer generational touchpoints rather than Gen X or Millennial humor.

At day’s end, Baby Boomer Marketing Group is a specialty agency focused on category-specific needs that this demographic has—banking, retail, retirement, housing and health care.

Marketing Strategy, Media Planning/Buying, Creative Concepting and Production.

Full service SoCal ad agency specializing in baby boomer marketing.

Olhausen Game Rooms; Garage Door Medics; Lifetime Montessori School

San Diego Ad Agencies: Top Advertising Agencies In San Diego


San Diego’s Top Advertising Agencies

San Diego Advertising Agencies:  The list of agencies is limited to the best. This is not not a laundry list, but a list of the top ad agencies in San Diego that demonstrate the  integrity, expertise and talent to increase a company’s profits.

These advertising agencies in San Diego are  selected for their integrity, creativity and business experience. They are part of the American Ad Agencies network.

They are the best medium size independent ad agencies in San Diego, designed to increase the sales and profits of any corporation of any size!

The fact is, that in doing any type of business, you deal with people. The people who own each of the agencies on are superbly great people – and that’s what counts in making their agencies a success and making their clients a huge success.

The list is here. The top advertising agencies in San Diego. As a corporation looking for a new ad agency, you can’t go wrong with any of these ad agencies.

In random order – and watch for posts featuring the agencies individually – here are the top advertising agencies in San Diego that as a corporation, no matter which business category you are in, you’re guaranteed to become hugely successful partnering with any of them.

  • Parker White Brand Interactive
  • The DH Group
  • The Baby Boomer Marketing Group
  • L7 Creative
  • San Diego PR & Advertising
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • Epicenter
  • MessinaDesign


San Diego Advertising Agencies: 10 Years Of New Business

San Diego Ad Agencies: For over ten years, – part of the network of select San Diego advertising agencies has been an online leader in providing qualified new business leads for advertising agencies in the San Diego market.

It was one of those “crazy ideas” that Joel Cohen had, realizing that prospects and good creative talent was going to deluge the Internet, looking for great ad agencies to have as clients and to work at. started out with Houston as being the first site. With its rapid success, the concept moved to Dallas, Boston, Long Island, Chicago, and more cities. Success was so great, most agencies would say that and the other city sites was their best new business marketing tool.

The following additional cities are now included as part of the network: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Long Island, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco.